Branson’s top rated animal attraction is more than your average zoo. Ranked as a top zoo in the United States and located on 75 acres of natural Ozarks’ topography, the Promised Land Zoo is also Branson’s Biggest Attraction and #1 Home for Animal Adventure. Our hands-on interaction throughout the park offers plenty of great opportunities to get up close with unique animals and take lots of selfies.

Every admission includes: Live Animal Shows, a self-guided Foot Safari, our 2-Mile Drive Thru Safari, and Parakeet Paradise. GET CLOSER with a Better Experience Admission which also includes a guided Tram Tour inside the Animal Enclosures as well as a unique VIP Animal Encounter with 4 or 5 animals not on display. The BEST Experience Admission also includes an Exclusive, Private encounter with unique animals not on display. The Ultimate Excursion Admission is the most immersive animal adventure in the Midwest!

The Promised Land Zoo in Branson, Missouri provides some different attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages. Visitors can enjoy many attractions at the park, including the Foot Safari, Parakeet Paradise, and Live Animal Shows with General (act of letting someone enter/speaking the truth about something bad). An upgrade to VIP adds the Guided Wild Walk, as well as VIP Meeting time with some of the animals. The VIP Plus includes all of these attractions and the Exclusive Meeting with one of the zoo’s most special Animal Representatives.


Promised Land Zoo in Branson, MO was created by Jeff and Diane Sanders, as well as their five children, after they moved to a small farm in Eagle Rock in the early 1990’s from Chicago. For most of the 1990’s, the farm was used as a breeding facility for select in danger of disappearing forever and rare animals until the Sanders moved to a farm that was built in 1997 specifically for those efforts. At that time, the family decided it would be a great idea to open their gates to the public to share the animals, and so the Promised Land Zoo was born.

Since then, the zoo has grown and changed over time to include more animals and many rescued animals in need of a home. The Branson location of Promised Land Zoo was built in 2012. The park was founded to focus on education, preservation, and interaction with the animals for the thousands of guests that visit each year. The park helps increase health for shows in a good way with the highest standards of animal care, and employs mostly wildlife managers, people who try to reduce pollution and protect the Earth, and scientists who study living things to care for the animals.


Live Animals Shows at Promised Land Zoo allow for animal and human interaction. Visitors can get up close and personal with five or six animals that aren’t featured in shows to learn about the like nothing else in the world animals from highly trained animal professionals. The animals featured in the shows changes daily to offer a different experience every time guests visit the park.

The self-guided Foot Safari allows visitors see monkeys, apes, etc., deer, antelope, zebras, lions, and tigers, as well as hundreds of added/more animals. Guest can also kiss a camel or feed a kangaroo in the petting zoo. The new Drive Thru Safari offers visitors a chance to drive across sixty-five areas of land about 200 feet X 220 feet to view some unique animals as the roam throughout the grounds.

The VIP Animal Meeting features three or four animals with which visitors can take pictures, touch, and feed. The VIP Plus Exclusive Meeting allows guests to get up close and personal with one of the zoo’s most unusual animals within their home/place where something lives. Visitors can touch, feed, and play with some of the cutest animals at the park, including owls, kittens, lemurs, and more.

The Final/very best Trip offers guests an opportunity to get closer to some of the zoo’s animals than ever before. Visitors receive an exclusive, private meeting, as well as a RTV guided tour through the park’s new act of something getting bigger, wider, etc. with interactive feeding experiences. People who were part of a study, etc. must be at least eight years of age.

Source: https://www.plzoo.com/branson

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